LOGO TFC Scales - divide your food precisely :)

This is a simple mod that allows you to build scales and make weights to use in your kitchen.

Remember that time you had exactly 160 oz. of potatoes and you wanted to make four barrels of vodka? But you've forgotten to cut the potatoes with your knife and by the time you placed the barrels and filled them with water, your potatoes decayed slightly and you were able to make only three barrels?

Remember that time you had 158 oz of cherries and wanted to turn your barrel of vodka into a barrel of vinegar? And how you huffed and puffed and cut and joined and calculated to get as close to 100 oz. as possible (because you really, really wanted to just eat the rest of your cherries)?

Well, now you can use "advanced technology" - the scales.

First, you craft your scales:

crafting recipe the model

Next, you need to make weigths. For weights you use anvil (copper will do) and the following materials:


Finally, you can use your new kitchen tool. Click to open the interface. The bottom slots are for storing your weights - the weights stack up to 8 in your inventory and in these slots. The top left 9 slots are the left bowl of your scale - put the weights there. The slots on the right are for food - you put your food in the left one, press Cut (make sure you have a knife to cut with in your inventory!) and the amount equal to the weights in the bowl will be cut and put in the right slot.

The scales do not remove decay from your food! That way, you can divide those 160 oz. of slightly decayed potatoes into 4 equal parts and still enjoy your 4 barrels of vodka. If you want to get rid of decay, do it the old-fashoned way.

See how it works:

interface after cut after cut after cut

Legal stuff:
You may download and use this mod freely. You may include it in modpacks as long as you do two things: first, you need to post information about what modpack will include this mod in This thread on the TerraFirmaCraft forum, second - please, include informations about authors and the webpage of this mod in the description of your modpack.
You may only modify this mod for your own use, but you may NOT redistribute the modified version in any way. This will hold true also if at any point we decide to make the source code available.
By downloading the mod you agree to not hold the mod authors responsible for any damages you may suffer as a result of using this mod, including, but not limited to: corruption of minecraft savefiles, corruption of any other minecraft related files and meteors falling down from the sky. And remember the magic word: BACKUP!

Finally, what you've been waiting for - download link: Click here to download TFC Scales for TerraFirmaCraft 0.79.23+

Older downloads:

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